Crash Recovery

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Crash Recovery

Postby tcreed » Mon Jan 02, 2017 10:26 am

Crashed my Meteor yesterday while attempting a cut in aluminum. Machine was moving in the Y axis only and the aluminum heated up and the bit got stuck and pushed my temp spoil board out from under the clamps. The spindle froze but I turned off the power immediately and the spindle appears to be okay. The left y axis motor was probably 3-4 inches out from the right side motor. I hit the e-stop after just a few seconds.

Got everything freed up, checked for any bent parts or fasteners, made sure everything was tight, and then rehomed the machine. Everything appears to be working correctly but I want to check the machine for alignment. Here's where I was going to start:

1. Check the spindle mount for square in both axes against the table.
2. Check for gantry for square from the end supports (also measure visible lead screw on both sides with a micrometer).
3. Check the run-out on the spindle.

Just wondering if anyone else had any other tips or techniques on what else to look for?

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