PBX-USB CNC Controller

PBX-USB CNC Controller
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Hardware Features:
  • OUT OF STOCK...This is a MK1 chip board for use with Planet CNCs CNC USB control software. You can purchase directly from www.planet-cnc.com
  • 4 axis USB CNC controller
  • USB (V2.x) from PC/Laptop running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit)
  • 3 digital outputs (flood, mist, spindle)
  • 25 KHz maximum step frequency
  • 12us minimum pulse width
  • Buffered I/O for maximum performance
  • Two manual jog input keys per axis (8 total)
  • Two limit switches for X,Y, Z (6 total)
  • Jog Pendant Interface
  • Relay Board Interface
  • I2C Interface
  • E-Stop Loop
Software Features:
  • Advanced interpolation algorithms
  • Control external devices with I2C protocol
  • Pause/resume of execution supported
  • Automatic homing procedure
  • Touch Plate Tool Change Procedure
  • Standard RS274/NGC G-code (EMC2 compatible)
  • Toolpath simulation
  • Advanced G-codes - G40, G41, G42 (Cutter Radius Compensation) supported
  • Advanced G-codes - G43, G49 (Tool Length Offsets) supported
  • Advanced G-codes - G54, G59.3 (Coordinate System Origins)

The USB CNC Control Software can be purchased from us by choosing the software option below. Otherwise, you can purchase it directly from www.planet-cnc.com. Software is supported through the Planet-CNC Google Group.

Download CNC USB Controller Software

* Note - the PBX-USB does not work with the Planet CNC SDK

**The silk screen on the board has Step and Direction reversed**

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CNC Control Software:
Price: $109.95
Weight: 0.20lb

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