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How to Install Configurations

Using Script File

You will need to unzip the file onto your desktop of the machine computer. Open the folder and double click the file named then click run in terminal when prompted.

This will launch terminal and start by asking for a password. Type 'probotix' and hit enter. If prompted for yes or no, type 'y' and hit enter. At the end it will ask you to select which config you will be using. Find your machine in the list and choose either the regular or VFD version.

The install is now complete and a new link is on your desktop.

Manual Install

If the script file fails you can also manually move the files. Go to "Places" => "Home Folder" => "LinuxCNC" => "Configs" Once you are in the configs folder you will place the folder that contains the configs here("Probotix_2015","Probotix_Pre_2015", or "Probotix_Unity_Conversion"). Ignore the extra files and folders inside the zip file.

Then you will go to "Application" => "CNC" => "LinuxCNC" => then select the configuration you want to use. In the lower left of the configuration selection window, you have the option to create a desktop short cut. This is recommended for easy access to the program.

Machine Configurations

  • Standard (imperial) units are default unless configuration specifies Metric
  • 2015 in the file name are for machines built after 2015 OR machines retrofitted with Bipolar drivers and wiring
  • If you do not know what configuration to use, contact PROBOTIX

Machines built in 2015 and on

File:Probotix 2015

Machines built prior to 2015 but converted to a unity controller

File:Probotix Unity Conversion

Machines built prior to 2015 using original unipolar controller

File:Probotix Pre 2015


This file will need to be adjusted to match the performance of your machine.


This file will need to be adjusted to match the performance of your machine.