Reinstalling LinuxCNC on Galaxy Series Machines

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1) Download the LinuxCNC iso image file:

2) Download Universal USB Installer:

3) Insert an 8GB (or larger) USB thumb drive.

4) Open Universal USB Installer and agree to the terms:

Step1 agree.jpg

6) Under Step 1, scroll all the way down to the end of the list and choose "Try Unlisted Linux ISO":

Step2 choose distro.jpg

7) Under Step 2, click the Browse button then browse to and select the LinuxCNC iso file you downloaded:

Step3 choose iso.jpg

8) Under Step 3, choose the USB thumb drive:

Step4 choose drive.jpg

9) If the USB drive was previously used (not new), put a check mark in "Format Drive":

Step5 choose format.jpg

10) Click the "Create" button:

Step6 choose create.jpg

11) A confirmation screen will pop up details the steps the Universal USB Installer is going to make. Click "Yes":

Step7 confirm.jpg

12) The software will extract and begin writing the iso file to the USB stick:

Step8 write.jpg

13) After a few minutes, the process will complete. Click "Close".

Step9 complete.jpg

14) Now you have bootable USB thumb drive with LinuxCNC on it. Insert it into the LinuxCNC PC and turn the power on. Begin tapping the F2 button until the boot menu comes on. From the boot menu, choose to boot from the USB drive. Then follow the install menu. More details to come, but if you need help, call us.

*Make sure to use the user 'probotix' and password 'probotix' during the reinstall.

1) Choose the English language

2) Choose your time zone

3) Choose the USA keyboard layout

4) Choose Erase and use the entire disk

5) Enter name: probotix, login name: probotix, password: probotix, computer name: probotix-desktop, choose log in automatically

6) There is no step 6

7) Click Install

8) The installer will then reformat the drive and install the OS. When it is complete

9) Click Restart Now

10 When prompted, remove the USB drive and hit ENTER

Next you will need to reinstall the configurations: NEW_LinuxCNC_Configuration