Parallel Port Breakout Board Features:
  • DB25 Female
  • Flexible Design
  • Dual Onboard LM-317 Based 1.5 amp Logic Supply Regulator
  • USB Logic Power Supply for PC side
  • Optional Pinheader and Screw Clamp Connections
  • Jumper Enabled Limit Switch Pull-up Resistors
  • LED Power Indicator
  • All Pins Brought Out

The PBX-RF is an Isolated Parallel Port Breakout Board designed specifically for CNC machines. It is compatible with a variety of Parallel Port CNC Control Software. The isolation layer protects the PC from potential damage from spikes or short circuits on the high voltage motor drivers used in CNC.

The RF isolation chips used in the PBX-RF work much like opto-isolators, except that they use radio waves to send signals across the isolation plane rather than light.

The PBX-RF breakout board splits the 17 available signals from the parallel port so that they can be accessed. It is functionally equivalent to the non-isolated version - the PBX-2.

User Manual

PBX-RF RF Isolated CNC Breakout Board

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