420 OzIn 8-Wire Stepper Motor (Green Monster)

***Please inquire about availability***

***Call for lead time, motors will ship when in stock***

  • 420 Oz In. Hybrid
  • 1.8┬░ /200 Steps Per Rev.
  • 3 Amps Current Per Phase
  • 8-wire Uni-polar or Bi-polar
  • NEMA 23 Frame
  • Factory Enameled Green Body
  • Dual Shaft

Now 420 Oz In with 3/8" Shaft!

*Check out Stock Drive Products for shaft couplers if your machine has 1/4" fittings currently. You need 3/8" to whatever size your machine needs.



  • Product Code: HT23-420-8
  • Availability: Call for Availability
  • $89.95

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