PBX-2 CNC Parallel Port Breakout Board


Parallel Port Breakout Board Features:
  • DB25 Female
  • Flexible Design
  • Onboard LM-317 Based 1.5 amp Logic Supply Regulator
  • USB Logic Power Supply
  • Optional Pinheader and Screw Clamp Connections
  • Jumper Enabled Limit Switch Pull-up Resistors
  • LED Power Indicator
  • All Pins Brought Out

**The PBX-2 is a non-isolated direct split connection to your drivers from your PC parallel port. Some PC parallel ports do not have the current carry capabilities to drive the opto-isolators in the drivers. If you do not know what your PC parallel port can drive, then pick the PBX-RF, which has isolation and step-up circuitry to drive opto-isolated drives.**


User Manual


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