This is a bolt on rotary axis for the Comet, Asteroid, Meteor, and Nebula.

  • 4" 3-Jaw Self Centering Chuck
  • 5" Stock Capacity
  • 400ozin Motor
  • 6:1 Belt Reduction for Maximum Torque & Resolution
  • Adjustable Sliding Tail Stock

More Info: HERE

You can either add an additional driver yourself or send your controller back to us and we can install the additional driver. If you are choosing to have us install the driver, please contact PROBOTIX for instructions. You will need to ship the controller to us via USPS or UPS/FEDEX whatever you choose. Shipping is not included in the $45 cost. If possible, we will ship the upgraded controller back with the 4th axis if not possible it will ship standard ground. Please see RMA instructions here:

If you have a machine built after May 2014 you should already have the 5th driver installed. You will need to select Bipolar or Unipolar driver/wiring depending on what kind of wiring and driver you have/need. Machines built after January 2015 (or that have been converted) use BiPolar wiring and drivers. If you are not sure if you have the driver or what wiring you need, call PROBOTIX to confirm.

Rotary Axis for Galaxy Series Machines

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