How Much is a CNC Router? Top 5 Price Factors to Know


Top factors to know for buying a CNC router. PROBOTIX is the leader in digital manufacturing and has sold thousands of high precision CNC machines for the educational, industrial, healthcare, and hobbyist markets. In this article we will explore the top 5 factors to consider when buying a new router


Construction, Capabilities, Company, and

The actual cost of the router regardless of the category they choose the accessories for instance for a 50000 HAAS it’s a 2k option upgrade to turn on rigid tapping function even though the software already knows how to do it. Prosumer market accessories run between 500-5000 additional to machine cost for CAM, dust collection, sensors and probes, hobbyist market options run an additional 100-2k depending.

  1. Work Envelope
    In order to narrow down your search for a router and estimate how much you will need, size matters. Manufacturers vary in their table sizes from 12 x 12 tabletop cnc routers to large scale 5×9 machines. Expect to pay between $2000 and $4000 for a small bench-top router and $9000-$30000 for a large table that can cut full sheets of plywood.
  2. Manufacturer
    Price is also driven by the manufacturer. Expect to pay a premium when buying from an established brand in the industry especially the 800lb gorillas like Shopbot, Shapeoko, Haas, or XYVZ.
  3. Accessories
    Options options options. When factoring the price of a CNC machine, you will need to factor in what accessories you need to include. Most machines have a list of accessories or upgraded features that will add dollars to your total machine price.
  4. Craftsmanship
    Typically you will pay a premium for superior craftsmanship which encompasses the quality of raw materials, machining, assembly, and aesthetics. Prosumer market routers run 3-20k, and Professional run 20k+, hobbyist 1-3k.
  5. Service
    Customer service and support is critical to gain full utilization and peak operating capacity of your machine. In the CNC industry, look for suppliers that have a phone number for sales, tech support, and customer service preferably to the manufacturing facility itself where you can speak with the mechanics engineers designers or owners of the company you buy from. This is rare in the industry, and even more so when you are able to call the source directly and domestically. Look for manufacturers that have a developed help desk, online wiki, forum, phone and support email .

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