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New Probotix Nebula Owner

Postby Mikes » Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:01 pm

Hello all,

I recently purchased the Nebula listed by DG_Texas. If it's of any interest, I decided to buy the Nebula for a couple of reasons. One, he made me a smoking deal on basically a new machine with quite a bit of tooling. And secondly, a kitchen remodel is in my near future and I have most of the cabinet parts laid out in dxf files. With the cut area of the Nebula, I can essentially cut an entire cabinet box in two runs.

I've had the machine at the house for about 5 weeks, but due to work, only been able to play with it for about two weeks of that. After a relatively high initial learning curve the first few days, I now can cut some basic shapes without too much worry.

So far I've cut out enough stuff to get comfortable and get a feel for how the machine works. I've been working on some inlay parts recently, but having limited success as I work through different settings, veneer selection, etc.

I started with Artcam free while I looked at the different Vectric packages. At the end I decided to go with Vcarve Desktop / PhotoVcarve package and I'll just stick with Artcam for parts bigger than Vcarve desktop will handle as that will be mostly flat work anyway.

If anybody has any questions of advice I'll gladly take it.

CNC Newbie - 2017 Probotix Nebula w/2.2kw spindle

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