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Greetings from South Texas

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 4:29 pm
by pearcrl
I'm Rick from the Rio Grande Valley, formerly from Central Illinois. I am a retired toolmaker with extensive experience in machines of all types and tape NC and CNC from the mid '70s. I've used several CAD/CAM systems over the years and with a few exceptions I find it easier to just write my own programs from scratch. Some of the exceptions are F-Engrave and G-Code Ripper. There are a lot of free and as we say here on the border "Almost Free" programs out there. I taught a machining class at a 2 year college near Corpus Christie for about 5 years and the college bought a Probotix Comet a few years ago. After I retired I was afraid to steal the Comet so I bought one of my own in July, 2014. I figured the Comet was a whole lot cheaper than a $100k boat that I wouldn't use anyway and the Comet is a lot more fun for me. I use the Comet strictly for hobby, if I wanted to make money with it I would still be working. I get up when I want and use it when my wife lets me.