Full Spectrum Engineering 45W CO2 Hobby Laser

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Full Spectrum Engineering 45W CO2 Hobby Laser

Postby TLHarrell » Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:59 pm

My first machine was the laser. I've had this one for several years now and have enjoyed working with it. I do mostly custom computer case parts, decorative panels, lighting and the like. I found that there were things the laser is really great at, and things where it shows it's weaknesses. One of those is controlling depth of cut. It has practically none. I needed to cut some recesses into things to place LED strips. Laser won't even think about it. Time for a CNC machine!

Great little piece of equipment to have around. I use it mostly for engraving. The benefit here is that I can control the power to the point where I can merely strip paint off of a surface and not mar the material underneath. I can control power to the point where I can take one layer of paint off and expose another paint layer below. With the CNC I have to make sure what I'm engraving is impossibly flat or find some sort of spring loaded device. I'll stick with the laser for that sort of work. The two make a perfect pair.

Next up will be a 3D printer. My total machine nerd shop will be complete.

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