Error message!

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Error message!

Postby BrerFox » Sat Feb 25, 2017 5:53 pm

Can someone explain what this means and what I should do about it?
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Re: Error message!

Postby politicaldog » Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:00 am

I found this searching!

1.2.2 RTAPI Error

When you get this error:

RTAPI: ERROR: Unexpected realtime delay on task n

This error is generated by rtapi based on an indication from rtai that a deadline was missed. It is usually an indication that the BASE_PERIOD in the [EMCMOT] section of the ini file is set too low. You should run the Latency Test for an extended period of time to see if you have any delays that would cause this problem. If you used the Stepconf Wizard run it again and test the Base Period Jitter again and adjust the Base Period Maximum Jitter on the Basic Machine Information page. You might have to leave the test running for an extended period of time to find out if some hardware causes intermittent problems.

EMC2 tracks the number of CPU cycles between invocations of the real-time thread. If some element of your hardware is causing delays or your realtime threads are set too fast you will get this error.

NOTE: This error is only displayed once per session. If you had your BASE_PERIOD too low you could get hundreds of thousands of error messages per second if more than one was displayed.

Hope it helps
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