v90 problems help please

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v90 problems help please

Postby dragonart777 » Sat Aug 20, 2016 4:16 pm

i got the v90 back when the fireball v90 was being sold. guess they took it down.

i got it and it ran fine. but i had to put her away into after i moved. do to the loudness of the cnc..

now its 3 years later... i got this cnc back out. but she is not running right...
problem 1

everything loads up fine. but when i go to push the arrow key to line her up.. it only go's one way
if i tap on the left arrow. it well move left or right into i tap the down or up key. then it well change and move right.

same with all x y z. that is problem 1
problem 2

start to cut. it seems to work fine. then it well just keep going left or right. like it is jumping off course

what i have done

i have checked all the bolts
i have checked the hardware
i have checked the wires
i have redone the emc setup

i may have missed something so i am asking for help

also i like to say when i was running the cnc back then. the cnc software was called emc2. now it is just Linux cnc ?
i am running parallel port. not usb <--- no clue what usb do.

note: the computer is outdated. very low ram 500mb just slapped together to get cnc working

ps sorry for English i am working on it. i tryed to make this as readable as i can. ty

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