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Artcam post processor

Postby Mikes » Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:14 pm

So when I got the machine, I wasn't sure what software I was going to buy, so I did what a lot of people probably do and looked for free stuff to try out. Autodesk has Artcam free, so I downloaded it and away I went.

First couple of cuts right out of the gate, I had some "learning moments" due to my complete ignorance about tool offsets (radius and length). So I managed to figure it out pretty quickly but I had broken a bit and cut into my spoil board pretty badly. So as I figured out what had gone wrong, I realized that the Probotix Artcam post that was available in Artcam and on the Probotix Wiki was not necessarily newbie friendy as it was missing some things like path tolerance and offset reset and used tool compensation.

So I edited the Artcam post to make it similar to the Vectric post. So if you're like me and knew enough to home the machine, set X/Y zeros and touch off the Z, you won't have my experience with learning tool length offset the hard way.

This is nothing fancy and is not guaranteed to be correct, but I used it successfully to cut some few things and maybe someone else will find it useful.

Updated Artcam newbie post
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