Vectric VCarve and Aspire G93 Rotary Post Processors

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Vectric VCarve and Aspire G93 Rotary Post Processors

Postby sgano » Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:51 pm

Hi All - In the latest updates from Vectric (v9.5) VCarve and Aspire both gained a lot of new Rotary Features. Among them was the ability to directly output G93 code which is really needed with LinuxCNC when doing rotary work (otherwise some moves are just too slow). I had previously written a program to do this conversion -- but that is no longer needed!

However, to make use of the new G93 feature you have to update the post processor and there wasn't any documentation. So I looked at a few examples I could find and then converted the rotary post processor I had for my Nebula.

I also made versions that can make use of the tool sensor while doing rotary work.

These are specifically for wrapping the X axis to the A axis. They also require that X = 0 is the center point of the rotary axis.

I tested them on my machine and they seem to work well -- but be sure to review them before using them yourself. Feel free to modify them and adapt them to your needs.

In the attached .zip you will find 7 files. Three of which are my standard post processors but the 4 with "Wrap" in the title are the rotary ones. Those four are:
1) PROBOTIX_LinuxCNC_Wrap-NoToolSensor-X2A_inch.pp: Standard G94 rotary with no Tool sensor (older post processor - not recommended any more)
2) PROBOTIX_LinuxCNC_Wrap-G93-NoToolSensor-X2A_inch.pp : Uses G93! No tool sensor.
3) PROBOTIX_LinuxCNC_Wrap-G93-ToolSensor-IniLoad-X2A_inch.pp: Uses G93! Uses the tool sensor! Does a tool load/touch off at startup.
4) PROBOTIX_LinuxCNC_Wrap-G93-ToolSensor-NoIniLoad-X2A_inch.pp: Uses G93! Uses the tool sensor! Does not do a tool load/touch off at startup - assumes you have already loaded and measured the first tool yourself before running. (which is what I do most of the time).

(* Note only use these in v9.5 of VCarve or Aspire, otherwise they will cause those programs to not function on startup)
- Shawn
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