Now that we have the Candle Stands

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Now that we have the Candle Stands

Postby HANNAH024 » Tue Oct 20, 2015 2:51 pm

Yes, It happened again. I heard those words "Now that we have the two Candle Stands that you made for us" and I knew what was coming next.
Since the candles that screw onto the stands are oil filled, they cannot be laid down once they have oil in them.
We need something to store then in and to use to transport the candles that will hold them in an upright position.
So here is what I made. Solid 3/4 oak....White oak tops and bottoms and red oak ends for a little contrast.
I cut the stock to 28" length with a saw since that is the maximum for my comet and the rest was done entirely on the comet using a 1/8" Dia. carbide flat end mill running at 20 to 24 thousand RPM at 85 inches per minute. I would have set the federate to 100 IPM except for the fact that I just installed a brand new carbide cutter with a 3/4 depth of cut and was being cautions the first time I used it.
The pockets took a little time with the 1/8" cutter, but they have a beautiful circular pattern underneath the felt liners.

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It is what it is!
Have a great day.

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