G scale Shotgun House

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G scale Shotgun House

Postby martan3d » Tue May 17, 2016 2:51 pm


Here is another 1/29 G scale railroad building I've just finished up. I've installed it out on my layout with moss for 'grass'. The sides and ends are cast resin sheets I made to get the wooden siding look. I cut them and the door and window openings out with the X90. Also made the porch with engraved boards on the X90 too. The brick foundation, also engraved .125 inch styrene using a 1/32" end mill. The roof is just 'score and snap', no need to cut that out, but the slats on the roof are also cut from .125 sheet. Everything is painted with Rustoleum flat rattle cans. Have LEDs on the porch and interior but no power out there yet.

I love my X90. I have more styrene sheets coming soon. Great fun and these buildings are virtually indestructible, I can leave them out all the time in the rain and wind and humidity. They don't care. Awesome.


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