Limits connector- help!

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Limits connector- help!

Postby oldsinger » Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:05 am

I recently moved my Nebula to a new location and I discovered that the Limits connector had snapped three wires. I couldn’t resolder them because the paddle connectors on the plug snapped off. I bought new 8 pin xlr connectors and I labeled the harness wires as best I could but I’m not confident that I have the sequence correct. I have the 8 pin diagram from the Wiki and I know which pin does what.

Do the wire pairs go in sequence i.e. the red X wire goes on pin 1 and the ground goes on pin 2. Does it matter if the ground goes in the proper sequence? I realize that pin 7 pairs up with the center pin 8.

Also is there a way test each wire to make sure I’m labeling the limits connection correctly?

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