Setting up an older Fireball

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Setting up an older Fireball

Postby vancod » Thu Dec 17, 2015 3:07 pm

I have purchased the seemingly forgotten child that is the Fireball "v1" and have been working at putting it in service.

The unit I have apparently has the "hybrid motor" kit that includes the "blue" 6-wire stepper HT23-200-6

I've found the available information on the ProboStepVX controller and have no issues with wiring - what I'm unclear on is how to actually set it up. The documents go to good lengths at stating how the controllers _can_ be set up - but it doesn't really help me understand what it _should_ be set for best operation with this setup.

Does one typically look at the current capability of the steppers and set these to "X%" of that? (my 2 yellow steppers are void of any labeling, and while I at least have a model # for the blue one I also can't find much on that - so other than they're 8 wire / 6 wire respectively I don't really have specs to look at). Is this something you adjust often? I sort of assume no, but....

And while not technically part of the setup question - this version doesn't have anti-backlash nuts. I assume they're a good idea. I haven't really been able to get good dimensions on them (the lone PDF I found has "some" of the dimensions, and nothing at all about the pitch / type) so I'm not really sure if I can get something off, say, eBay that will work. I'm not even certain of the pitch of these screws (I _think_ they're 1/2-10 2 start start but would really like to know). If anyone has pointers on reto-fitting please let me know.

This was to be a learning tool for me before I make the leap to a larger unit. I have to say I'm learning a lot - just not anything of much value when it comes to making the leap to CNC :)

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