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FireBall Comet w/ optional rotary table

Work Envelope: X:25" Y:25" Z:5"
Limit/Home Switches: Pre-installed

The Comet CNC router raises the bar on the tabletop CNC routers. The Comet is high performance, general purpose machine tool positioner, suitable for many uses such as guitar building, clock making, plaques, signs, RC aircraft parts and more!

This machine comes fully assembled and is shipped in a crate handled by a freight carrier. With pre-installed home/limit switches, spindle control relay, cable chain, carriage mounted router power jack, and complete LinuxCNC control PC with keyboard, mouse, monitor, & jog pendant - no other machine on the market comes close to being this complete, and ready-to-run.

Design Features

  • 25" x 25" x 5" Machine Travel
Full cabinet doors, thru-neck guitars and guitar necks, the stretched work envelope of the Meteor expands your possibilities.
  • Fully Supported Linear Rails
Less flex. Supported round rails offer the same benefit as the hiwin type of rails, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Precision ACME Leadscrews
More affordable than ballscrews, yet capable of precise positioning and rapid travels.
  • Anti-backlash Nuts On All Axis
Zero backlash. Delrin anti-backlash nuts apply pressure to both sides of the screw face eliminating backlash. The anti-backlash nuts by design will wear out, but are user replaceable.
  • 200 Inches Per Minute Rapids
Less time flying through the air to get from one entry point to the next. Any faster than this and you'd have to set the acceleration so low that it'd never reach that speed anyhow due to the mass of the gantry and carriage.
  • Solid Aluminum & Steel Construction
More rigidity. Very minimal tool deflection. No comparison to any of the plastic wheel machines.
  • Open Frame/Tandem Motor Design
The tandem motor setup, coupled with some LinuxCNC sorcery makes squaring the machine a breeze. The independent but simultaneous left and right homing sequence will re-square itself every time the machine is homed. Tandem motors also prevent racking, which can be a problem when the tool is operating at the edges of the work envelope. Removing the leadscrew from the center of the table eliminates work piece height limitations.
  • T-Slot Extrusion Construction
The open frame design allows for taller work pieces and many fixturing options. The spoil board can be mounted above or below the frame. Also, the spoil board could be completely removed, and the user can fabricate any sort of mounting system, rotary table, etc. The use of T-Slot on the frame makes fabricating your custom fixtures and mounting them a breeze.
  • Pre-installed Limit/Home Switches
Because of the tandem motor setup, homing switches are essential, and thus are factory installed. No other machine in this class comes with pre-installed homing/limit switches.
  • Cable Chain Cable Management
Clean and professional IGUS cable chains guide and protect the wiring. Another exclusive feature that you will not find on any other machine on the market.
  • Fully Assembled , Wired, & Calibrated
Even includes frame mounted emergency stop switch. Nope - the other guys don't have this either.
  • 4-Axis Stepper Motor Driver Kit
This machine was designed around our MondoStep Stepper Motor Driver kit with 5x 420ozin Motors & 40V power supply. The Meteor's tandem motor setup requires a 4-axis controller. No other motor driver kit will run this machine as it was intended. The motor/driver kit comes as ready-to-run, with enclosure, fan, connectors, and all. All you have to do is connect the motor and switch jacks, attach it to the PC, and power it on.
  • Included PC w/ LinuxCNC Control Software
Because of the tandem motor setup and the custom configuration necessary for LinuxCNC to coordinate the homing sequence, we feel it is best for us to include a pre-configured PC. Also, it needs to be a modern PC to spit out the step pulses fast enough to achieve our high speeds.
  • Relay Controlled Router or Speed Controlled Spindle
Relay spindle control is standard on this machine. There is a 110V power jack mounted to the carriage. This allows us to run the spindle power through the cable chain. The user can easily change out spindles as needed, and will not have to cut off the plug on the power cord - which would void the warranty on your spindle.
If you choose the 80mm spindle option, we will also install a speed control interface for controlling the speed of the spindle in software.
  • Choice of Trim Router Mounts
The bolt pattern is the same as the V90, and any of our spindle mounts will work on this machine. An array of this bolt pattern on the z-axis face allows you to mount the spindle in several positions relative to the z-axis travel. This will help with different tool length requirements, and fixturing offsets.


How-To Video on the Comet/Asteroid/Meteor Class Machines