This kit features powerful 570ozin motors for your X- & Y-axis and a 1150ozin motor for your Z-axis and is perfect for your X3 mill conversions. Powerful Z-axis motor eliminates the need for a counter-balance strut.

A perfect match to the CNC Fusion X3 CNC Conversion Kits.

  • 2 x MondoStep 5.6 BiPolar Stepper Motor Driver
  • 1 x MondoStep 7.8 Bi-Polar Stepper Motor Driver
  • 2 x 570 OzIn 4-wire Stepper Motor (Black Monster) (X & Y Axis)
  • 1 x HT34-280-8 1150ozin Stepper Motor (Z-Axis)
  • PBX-RF Isolated Parallel Port Breakout Board (Mach3 or LinuxCNC)
  • 40Volt 10Amp Linear Power Supply
  • 6ft. DB25 Male-to-Male Cable
  • 3 x 10" IDC Cables 10-pin
  • 1 x USB Cable to power Breakout Board

Optional upgrade with full LinuxCNC PC for CNC Control

Ready to Run Option with an enclosure that includes all electronics professionally wired with cables, fuses, fan, XLRs, and motor wire leads.

Shaft couplers that come with the CNC Fusion kit are not robust enough for our larger motors on the X and Y axis and may be the wrong size as our shafts are 3/8". You can fabricate them yourself or try

No Coupler is needed on the Z as it uses a 1/2" bore belt and pulley.

X3 CNC Conversion Stepper Motor Driver Kit

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  • $639.95

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