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Post Processors:

The zip file contains the post processor for use with LinuxCNC. A post is provided for Inch units.


After you unzip the file, the folder will contain the post processor for use with Vectric CAM software. You will place these in the PostP folder under the Vectric program folder or wherever Vectric stores the post processors. To find that directory see this link:

Then restart Vectric.

Forum topic for editing Vectric post processors:

PDF for editing Vectric post processors:

When you restart software the added post will be available as a machine language option. The post processor option for LinuxCNC will typically include G64, or EMC (which used to be LinuxCNC) and the measure system in use (std/metric or in/mm)

Here is the post processor for the Comet/Asteroid/Meteor/Nebula when using the Automatic Tool Length Sensor.
File:PROBOTIX LinuxCNC ATLaS G64 Arc Inch