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Post Processors

Step 1) Download this zip file. The zip file contains the post processor for use with LinuxCNC. A post is provided for Inch units.

   Standard Inch Post Processor:
   Rotary Axis Post Processor:
File:PROBOTIX LinuxCNC Wrap XtoA

Step 2) Unzip the zip file to extract the file PROBOTIX_LinuxCNC_Arc_Inch.pp

Step 3) Copy or move this file into the MyPostP folder under the Vectric program folder or wherever Vectric stores the post processors. To find that directory see this link:

Step 4) Then restart the Vectric software. The PROBOTIX post processor will now show up in the drop-down list when you save your g-code.

Helpful Links

Forum topic for editing Vectric post processors:

PDF for editing Vectric post processors:

Here is the post processor for the Comet/Asteroid/Meteor/Nebula when using the Automatic Tool Length Sensor.
File:PROBOTIX LinuxCNC ATLaS G64 Arc Inch