PROBOTIX builds affordable CNC Router systems for business and hobby home user alike. In fact we have MANY successful businesses for customers. Businesses with unique or custom cut products. Businesses who do not have the square footage for a full size machine. Or perhaps they want several small machines running multiple parts at the same time in the same space as a full sized machine.

We have businesses using our machines to make wooden bow-ties, duck calls, custom furniture, pickle-ball paddles, speaker cabinets, quad-copter parts, gun holsters, custom guitars, gun holsters, skateboards, pool cues, cabinets, signs, and on and on and on. Our machines are used to make molds and fixtures, as well as complete finished products. In the educational industry we help schools maximize grants and budgets by offering turnkey, affordable CNC routers for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics programs.

Automate your business, or build creations limited only my your imagination, with PROBOTIX CNC machines.