JogIt Pendant

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Originally Created by Jerome Miles

Open Source Jog Pendant for LinuxCNC and Mach3

Exact License Unknown


MPLab Archived Versions:

Microchip Source Code files:

Microchip Libraries for Applications:

Getting Started with MPLabX:

-- snipped from the kickstarter comments page --

Board layout information:

Source code file:

To use the source code you will need to download "microchip solutions v2011-12-05" library from

The jog it folder will need to be placed in C:\Microchip Solutions v2011-12-05\USB\

I use a Pickit 2 programmer to program the micro controllers, but pretty much anything that will talk to microchip brand micro controllers will do.

Also, I had some requests for the source files for the 3d printable cases. As this is an open source project I am happy to provide them. Here is a link to two versions of the case that I currently have: