Legacy Machine LinuxCNC Configuration

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Example Configurations

These configurations were generated by LinuxCNC's StepConf Wizard and are provided as an example. Both of the below configurations will need to be adjusted to match the performance of your machine.



How to Manually Install Configurations

  1. First download one of the zip files above.
  2. Navigate to the following folder: /home/probotix/linuxcnc/configs
    • You may do so via "Places" => "Home Folder" => "linuxcnc" => "configs".
  3. Copy the zip file of choice to the configs folder.
  4. Extract the files by Right-clicking and selecting "Extract Here".

Then you will go to "Application" => "CNC" => "LinuxCNC" then select the configuration you want to use. In the lower left of the configuration selection window, you have the option to create a desktop shortcut. This is recommended for easy access to the program.