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The following zip files contain a post processor for use with LinuxCNC. Each post is provided in Inch units and specialized to work on Probotix machines.

Post Processors

Standard Inch Post Processor


Rotary Axis Post Processor

File:PROBOTIX LinuxCNC Wrap XtoA

Automatic Tool Length Sensor

File:PROBOTIX LinuxCNC ATLaS G64 Arc Inch


  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file to extract the *.pp file.
  2. Copy or move this file into the MyPostP folder.
    • File > Open Application Data Folder
    • Some versions of Vectric software allow direct installation via Toolpaths > Install PostProcessor...
  3. After placing the file in the folder, restart the Vectric software.
    • The PROBOTIX post processor will now show up in the drop-down list when you save your g-code.

Helpful Links

For help finding the MyPostP folder, see here:

Old forum topic for editing Vectric post processors:

Old PDF for editing Vectric post processors: