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Fireball V90
Work Envelope: X:18" Y:12" Z:3"
Limit/Home Switches: Not included


The V90 is a high performance, general purpose machine, suitable for many uses such as clock making, plaques, RC aircraft parts and more!

The machine kit is easily assembled in about an hour with screwdrivers and a 7/16" nutdriver or wrench. Heavy Duty, Rigid MDF Contruction is test assembled to assure proper fit and ease of alignment. The Fireball V90 CNC router is Not a toy machine.

This machine is supported by the FireBall CNC Yahoo Group. Feel free to drop in there to learn more or to ask any questions before buying.

The base kit is supplied as a mechanical machine kit only. No motors, electronics, spindle or software is included.

We now offer the excellent MeshCam 3D Cam Software bundled with the V90 for $99.

Machine Specifications

Machine Travel:

X-Axis ~18"
Y-Axis ~12"
Z-Axis ~3"

Leadscrew Pitch:

X-Axis 5 Turns Per Inch (0.2in per rev/5.08mm per rev)
Y-Axis 5 Turns Per Inch (0.2in per rev/5.08mm per rev)
Z-Axis 12 Turns Per Inch (0.08334in per rev/2.1167mm per rev)

Resolution: (X & Y Axis)

Full Step 0.001"
Half Step 0.0005"
Quarter Step 0.00025"
Eighth Step 0.000125"
Sixteenth Step 0.0000625"


Assembly Instructions




Limit Switches


What does the $599 base machine come with?

The base machine is offered for the many folks who already own a stepper motor driver kit. For $599 you get the entire mechanical machine frame ready to bolt on a NEMA23 stepper motor driver kit. This includes the frame, linear rails and bearings, ACME lead screws, shaft couplers, sample spoil board, Z-axis, shaft couplers, and your choise of tool holder. What will I need to assemble the V90?

To assemble the V90, you will need:

  • 7/16" Nut driver and wrench
  • 3/32" and 7/64" allen wrenches
  • 2 & #3 Phillips Screw Driver
  • Large Flat Screw Driver
  • Acetone & Rag

I get that the Motor/Drive kit has the Good/Better/Best options, but what does each kit come with?

The basic motor driver kit comes with the motors, motor drivers, breakout board, power supply, DB25 cable, and IDC cable to connect the drivers to the breakout board.

What about the PowerSupply upgrade?

Higher voltage means higher speeds.

The basic motor driver kit comes with a basic 24V switching type power supply.

The 32V upgrade can be used on the any of the driver kits.

The 40V upgrade gives the best performance, but can only be used on the ProboStep drivers.

What is the 'Ready-to-Run Enclosure' option?

The ready-to-run option is all of the electronics professionally wired and installed into an included enclosure. This includes, switches, fuses blocks, fuses, heatsinks, fans, motor connectors, motor wires, etc - everything setup and ready to plug into your PC. It's a lot of work, really, plus all of the parts - the cost of which add up pretty quickly. If you are handy with electrical wiring, fell free to hook it up yourself - many people do. But if you want to save cost and time, let us do it for you. We buy at discounted rates in bulk, so it will likely cost you less to have us do it.

This link tells you more about this option:

If you choose a power supply upgrade, and you wish to have us wire it all up with the ready-to-run option, you must choose the large enclosure because the upgrade power supplies are too large to mount into the small enclosure.

Also, if you want to expand your system later, the large enclosure has enough room to mount additional electronics, such as a relay board or an additional motor driver for a 4th axis, such as a rotary table.

Can I order the green motors with the V90?

You could, but the green motors are not well suited for this machine. The lower inductance and rotor inertia of the yellow motors will outperform any other motors on this machine.

What are the drive nut options?

The standard drive nuts on the X & Y axis may have as much as 0.007" of backlash in them. This can be programmed out in your software config, but is not the optimum solution. Choose the anti-backlash upgrade option for the most precision and accuracy. You can also purchase the anti-backlash nuts separately and install them later. The Z-axis does not need an anti-backlash nut.

What else will I need to have a complete running machine?

In addition to the machine frame and motor driver kit, you will need a spindle, a PC with a parallel port, CNC control software, and CAM software. In the options you can choose to have us send you a CD copy of EMC2 - the highly recommended and free CNC control software. You can find spindles on our Spindles and Mounts page. You can find links to CAM software on our CNC Software page.

How much is shipping?

Our shopping cart calculates the actual shipping charges, but needs your address first. You will see the shipping options and charges after creating or logging into your account at the first step of the checkout process and before entering any payment info and committing to the purchase.