Custom CNC RoutersDid you know that we can build custom cnc routers to meet your specific manufacturing needs?

We build custom CNC routers to meet your specific manufacturing needs, including high-precision milling and engraving. Our CNC routers are completely customizable to your specifications; our team will work diligently with you to create a machine that best meets all of your unique needs.

The types of customizations we can do to your CNC router include:

  • Automatic Tool Changers
  • Custom Work Envelopes
  • Vacuum Hold Down Systems
  • Custom Fixtures and Jigs
  • Multiple Spindles
  • Multiple Z-Axis
  • Multiple Rotary Axis
  • Custom Software
  • Custom Tool Holders

At PROBOTIX, we build custom CNC routers to meet your specific manufacturing needs. Whether you need a one-off router or multiple units, we can help you find the perfect solution for your company. Our machines are engineered from the ground up to match our customers’ needs, whether that means creating a larger bed area to make large parts or focusing on pathways and tool changes for low volume production runs.

We build custom-designed CNC routers from the chassis, to electronics and software packages. Our unique capabilities allow us to work with you to create the perfect tool for your specific needs.