So you've got a design for a product to sell in a niche market that you know well? But like most startup businesses, you may not have proven the market or attained the budget to jump in with both feet. Big companies posses the capital to invest in machines, however that is specifically the Achilles heel of the startup and makes manufacturing the most treacherous times in a new company. One mistake in tooling, QC or design can put you out of business.

Thankfully CNC technology is finally affordable to help you launch your product without risking a high investment.

PROBOTIX began in a garage just before the financial meltdown that started the recent recession. Empowered by low cost CNC manufacturing solutions, PROBOTIX is not only an example of the power of CNC to bootstrap a successful company, but we also specialize in providing those same computer controlled tools to help launch your new business venture. We back our products with the very best support in the industry. We have helped our customers launch or expand their startup businesses such as:

  • Custom Guitar Bodies
  • Custom Wood Products
  • Custom Furniture
  • Quadcopters
  • Gun holsters
  • Signs
  • Pool Cues
  • Wooden Bow-Ties
  • Speaker Cabinets
  • Cabinet Manufacturing 
  • Motorcycle parts

We truly engage with our customers and receive countless unsolicited testimonials. A lot of people launching a startup are not CNC experts – and we are happy to help by providing application consultation, recommendations, and the support needed to be successful in their venture.

"PROBOTIX made sure that my machine ran top notch, offered great support, and added feature to help me get the job done!"