CNC Router
New GX Series HD Gantry

A CNC Router is the must have tool for today's shop. We build the most complete, most affordable CNC routers on the market. Innovative design, component selection, and American-Made manufacturing on our Galaxy and GX series machines makes our CNC routers more capable, more precise, yet more affordable than other CNC routers in their class.

The design of our CNC machines feature dual Y axis motors, where the motors work in tandem, allowing for an open frame design. This dual motor configuration of the Y axis prevents the gantry from racking, while adding versatility for add-ons such as a rotary axis, vacuum hold down fixtures, or dovetail/joinery work where you can stand a board on end and mill the end grain. This design allows you to remove the spoil board so you have a virtual limitless workspace area for mounting custom fixtures all the way to the floor.

We have been continually working on accessories and improvements based on customer demand, and now offer a multitude of options on each CNC machine. From a full dust collection system, to aluminum stands and CAM software. We offer Z-touch off pucks, automatic tool length sensors, Keyboard/Monitor arms, MPG Jog Pendants, carbide tool bits,dust boots, and table grids with threaded inserts are all accessory options on the machine products at a discount than what we sell them for a la carte. We provide options for an industrial air or water-cooled spindles with variable speed drives (VFD) to extend the performance and life of your machine.

Our new GX Series machines feature a high-rigidity HD gantry. The taller uprights were redesigned to bring all 5 inches of Z travel above the spoil board for added clearance. The gantry beam is now twice the size and 4 times the density, removing any flex. The Z-axis bearings were then spread apart to create the most rigid machine we have ever made.

All of our CNC machines come standard with a full UNITY controller with 5 drivers, one for each axis and a backup for future expansion to a 4th axis rotary system. If no rotary is planned the additional driver comes in handy in case of a driver failure. As a no-cost courtesy, we provide a standardized PC with LinuxCNC as the G-code interpreter which stands as a dedicated machine with a widescreen LCD monitor,full keyboard and mouse. This standardization using the most stable operating system and CNC control software provides high-reliability for mission critical production, and allows us to provide the highest level of support to our customers.

The GX Series CNC routers are identical, except for their work envelopes. Choose the CNC Router that is right for you. Call our team now at 877-472-9262 to discuss your requirements with an application engineer. We have been in business since 2007 and know CNC inside and out – let PROBOTIX help you choose the right machine for your needs and your budget.

CNC Router GX2525-COMET


The GX2525 Comet CNC router started it all. It's our smallest GX series machine and raises the bar on the tabletop CNC routers. This model is specifically and perfectly sized for making guitar bodies, but that's not all it's used for. The GX2525 Comet ..




The GX3725 Asteroid is the next evolution of the best CNC router in it's class! We don't like to play favorites, but lets be honest - it's our favorite! The GX3725 is our flagship router, a perfect midsize machine. It's wide enough to do what you ca..


CNC Router GX2550 Meteor


The GX2550 Meteor takes the best CNC router in it's class, and makes it even better – twice as long as our GX2525 Comet. Designed for users needing to use long stock but lacking the room for the expanded gantry of the GX3750. You can make full through-nec..


CNC Router GX3750-NEBULA


With a whopping 37" x 50" work envelope, the GX3750 Nebula is our biggest and baddest CNC wood router yet! With this size work envelope now you are just being greedy -but you're not alone. The GX3750 also happens to be our top selling CNC machine. T..



With a monstrous 50" x 50" work envelope, the GX5050 is our newest, biggest, and baddest CNC Wood Router yet! You can now cut full width 48" sheet stock. Add an outeed table to index the sheet through the machine.Because of the added width, ever..


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