Just starting out in the world of CNC? You have come to the right place. At PROBOTIX we specialize in CNC newbies. 

Our machines utilize open source hardware and software that hobbyists love to hack and modify. The fully assembled and ready to run features allow you to learn at your leisure or just jump in and start cutting.

The commoditization of stepper motors and stepper motor controllers, coupled with free and inexpensive CNC Control Software such as LinuxCNC has brought CNC automation capabilities to the home/hobbyist users. Now CNC Routers are affordable enough to own and operate in your home. Whether you are making Christmas ornaments or other holiday gifts, crafting Harley Davidson signs to sell at the local swap meet, or maybe carving little plaques that say "I Love You" just to justify to the wife why you spend so much time and money in the garage - a CNC router is the must have shop tool of the 21st century.

Here are some examples of what you can make with CNC:
  • Coaster and Christmas ornaments
  • Furniture, cabinets and other wood shop projects, etc.
  • Gun stocks and 80% lower receivers
  • Craft projects (boxes, dishes etc.)
  • Signage and Plaques
  • Fabricating housing, dials, gauges etc. for electronic projects or robots
  • Parts for remote control hobbies (ribs for model airplane wings, quadcopter frames, etc)
  • Printed circuit boards for your electronic hobbies
  • Vinyl cutting and scrap booking with a drag knife blade
  • Custom tile and stone engraving using a diamond drag bit
Limited only by your imagination!