Bring your ideas to life with CNC machining technology.

Outsourcing your CNC prototyping to a CNC job shop can eat through your budget in a hurry - especially if you have to make several iterations of your part. Job shops typically charge $150 an hour and up, not including setup time - which is often times many more hours than the actually machining time. Investing in an affordable CNC router to own can pay for itself on the first production-quality prototype by itself. And then the machine is yours to own for any future parts, and to help launch you into production. Owning is finally cheaper than outsourcing.

With a CNC router, you can makes parts from various material such as:

  • Woods
  • Plastics such as Delrin and acrylic
  • Composites such as fiberglass and carbon fiber
  • Urethanes and other specialty materials like Kydex,foams and modeling waxes
  • Soft metals such as aluminum and brass

PROBOTIX CNC machines are used for diverse prototyping applications. You can mock up steel parts from softer materials and create molds for casting. PCB milling for circuit board prototyping is a breeze on a CNC router. PROBOTIX CNC machines can be used for plastic fabrication such as plugs for vacuum thermoforming.

A prototype is not ready until it can be manufactured. Prototyping on a PROBOTIX CNC router will make the transition from prototype to production a breeze. Because our machines are reliable, accurate, and affordable - you can scale production as you need without breaking the bank.

Design, Test, Modify - rinse and repeat