Here you will find all sorts of accessories for your GX Series CNC Machine. We sell jog pendants, tooling, work-holding, dust collection, spindles, aluminum stands and other convenience accessories for you CNC machine. Any of our accessories can be added to any of our Galaxy and GX Series machine at a later time.

5in Hold Down

5in  Hold Down Clamp with Knob..


7pc ER-20 Inch Collet Set

7pc ER-20 Inch Collet SetDiameters:1/8"3/16"1/4"5/16"3/8"7/16"1/2"..


80mm Air-cooled Spindle Only

Air-cooled Spindle onlyVFD NOT includedPrecision CNC spindle in metric ER20 collet size..


80mm Water-cooled Spindle Only

Water-cooled Spindle onlyVFD NOT includedPlumbing NOT included..


8pc 1/4" Shank Tooling Starter Set

Includes:1/8" End Mill1/4" End Mill30° Vee Bit60° Vee Bit90° Vee Bit1/16" Tapered Ball End Mill1/8" Tapered Ball End Mill1/4" Ball End Mill..


Aluminum Machine Stand w/ Shelf for GX2525 Comet

Aluminum Machine Stand w/ Shelf for CometGX GX2525 CNC Router Make easy use of your PROBOTIX CNC Router with an Aluminum Machine Stand w/ Shelf suitable for all CometGX GX2525 and similar size CNC Routers.  This durable custom designed CNC ..


Aluminum Machine Stand w/ Shelf for GX2550 Meteor

Aluminum machine stand with shelf for GX2550 MeteorGX..


Aluminum Machine Stand w/ Shelf for GX3725 Asteroid

Aluminum Machine Stand w/ Shelf for CNC Machine Asteroid GX3725..


Aluminum Machine Stand w/ Shelf for GX3750 Nebula

Aluminum Machine Stand w/ Shelf for GX3750 Nebula CNC Router..


Blackbox Vac Cyclone

Blackbox Vac Cyclone Vaccum Pump

Black Box Vacuum Solutions is proud to introduce the all new Cyclone, now available in the sleek new steel design. This single phase vacuum pump is ideal for CNC table sizes from 3’x 5′ up to 4’x 6′ (or 15 ft² to 24 ft²). With the press of the button you ..


Blackbox Vac Zone Gate Valve

Blackbox Vac Zone Gate Valve

2″ Gate valve with slip connections on each side for easy installation. This valve is a perfect choice when designing a CNC vacuum table grid with more than one zone. Valves can easily be opened and closed to control where vacuum pressure is applied on th..


CNC Laser Attachment

CNC Laser - Spindle Mounted Laser Module

Spindle Mounted CNC Laser Module. In partnership with JTech Photonics, this patent pending spindle-centric design makes installation and setup a breeze. No more work offsets from laser attachments mounted off to the side. Available in 2.8, 4.2, and 7 watt..


Donek D3 Dragknife

Fits in a 1/4in router collet Provides the greatest detail Maximum cutting depth: 1/16in (1.6mm) Minimum cut radius: 1/16in (1.6mm) ..


Donek D4 Dragknife

Fits in a 1/4in router colletEnables you to cut thicker materialsMaximum cutting depth: 1/4 in. (6.3mm)Minimum cut radius in materials thinner than 1/8 in. (3.1 mm): 1/8 .in (3.1mm)Minimum cut radius in materials over 1/8 in. (3.1mm) thick: equals materia..


Dust Boot

Dust boot with two piece removable brush for easy access to tool changes.The top of the Dust Boot clamps onto the Router or Spindle. The bottom part that holds the brush material is held to the top with powerful magnets. Design allows you to separate ..


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