2-Conductor 22Ga Shielded Limit Switch Wire

Perfect for limit switch installation...


2-PIN GX16 Connector Set

2-PIN GX16 Connector Set..


5-Conductor 22Ga Shielded Motor Wire

Can be used for 4- 5- and 6-wire motor applications! Use with NEMA23 frame motors. Priced per foot...


6ft. DB25 Male-to-Male Cable

Cable for a parallel port - Fastest communication method for CNC machining..


8-PIN GX16 Connector Set

8-PIN GX16 Connector Set..


IDC Mondo Cable Kit

10-pin IDC Adapter Kit w/ 12" IDC cable Converts the step and direction terminals on the MondoStep 4.2A, 5.6A and 7.8A drivers to PBX-headers for plug-and-play compatibility with our PBX breakout boards. Includes adapter card, 10-pin PBX-header ..


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