Save time and money by having your stepper motor driver kit professionally wired and installed with the new Unity Controller - the only CNC control system you will ever need!

  • Expandable to your needs, versatile, and flexible. 
  • Can be used for 2, 3, 4, or 5 axis systems.
  • Get it with or without motors
  • Motors (if purchased) are pre-wired with 6 Feet of 5-Conductor 22 Gauge Motor Wire and XLR connectors

Driver System:

The Unity CNC Controller includes 5x 5.6Amp MondoStep Bipolar Drivers at defaults, giving you versatility. Have a machine with two motors driving the gantry? No problem. You will still have a spare back-up driver for high-reliability, or use the spare for a rotary axis, and still be able to swap it over as a backup in case you have a driver failure in a high-reliability production environment.

Breakout Board

The PBX-MX is an isolated parallel port breakout board for use with software such as LinuxCNC or Mach3.

Integrated back panel includes:

  • Connections for up to 5 motors
  • Connector for limit switches
  • Connector for E-Stop
  • Earth ground connection for improved EMI protection
  • Auxilary 5v logic output that can drive an accessory like the Powerswitch Tail
  • IEC power connections for the primary power and the router control relay
  • Built in PWM to 0-10VDC analog signal interface for spindle speed control to a VFD or SuperPID
  • PBX-MX Isolated Parallel Port breakout board
  • Two AC inputs
  • Color coded

Have A Look Inside:

  • 40Volt (110VAC Input) Linear Power Supply for the fastest motor operation
  • Professionally wired, installed, mounted and tested electronics
  • 5 Drivers, Breakout Board, IDC cables, and wired connector ports
  • Full Enclosure with Power switch, fan, and fuses
  • Modular and organized

Click HERE for all the specifications on this controller


  • Product Code: UNITY
  • $749.95

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